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------Original Message------

From: Jimmy Fedor To:

Sent: September 5, 2000 5:19:21 PM GMT

Subject: yuk

Our assessment of what he looks like.


Hey, i just thought i`d congradulate all of you people that worked on this site.....You guys absolutely suck! God! talk about `chillaxing`... this site made me fucking fall asleep!!! How about some pictures!!!!! I also think that you people should update it a little more often too!! I mean, my friends are always talking about this site, and i don`t know what`s so great about it!!! It`s always the same boring shit, and maybe the horoscpoes should be updated a bit too! I think i`ve had the same horoscope reading for as long as the site exists! You know what, i`d love for someone to answer me on this e-mail i sent. And what`s the deal with the site`s designer..... you know, where it says at the bottom `LM`....i think he or she should get a bit more talent, and come up with something better! Please answer me back! i wanna hear what u people have to say for yourselves... your most ungreatful fan, Jimmy

------Our Response------

Hey mister Fedor...if this is in fact your real name (we think you're harboring porn star fantasies and wish to pretend you are one). You are stupid. Don't ever forget this important point. At any point in your life, if you become anxious nervous or scared, repeat to yourself many times ...I am a retard. The site is a joke that we started among the jobs, schools and four other sites that we have a hand in filling. Yes, updating it would be nice, but we said that we would be taking our sweet ass time didn't we? And also, the horoscopes are the way they are because we're making fun of morons like you who have to validate their pathetic shitty lives by reading a tiny cryptic message in a newspaper once a day so that they can find even a dash of hope in their fucked up, fat bloated STUPID lives. Hey and also, if we put you to sleep you must be getting a shitload of rest there as you seem to be visiting quite a bit. As for our designer, he just died last week in a horrible "shower" should have more respect for the dead. He was a good man, you are not. If you think you can do better, maybe send us some suggestions there...

Sincerely GO FUCK YOURSELF and your ugly mother

P.S. hope you visit the site update is planned really soon (just as soon as we stop laughing at the way you spelled congratulate and ungrateful).

**So far we have received no response from him rest assured however that we WILL post any replies.**

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