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Over the next few weeks we will be releasing installments on "How To Chillax". These are the ways which we've developped for maximizing chillaxing and comfort when it is time to simply kick back. We will discuss ways around "anti-chillax" persons and various other dillemas that come with chillaxing.

How to Chillax

Installment #1 (Establishing Your Own Style)


So you're here. An area dedicated to chillin' and enjoying the most of your down time. But questions linger..."…just how do you chillax?" you might ask yourself.

The answer is not as easy as you'd think. I wish I could just say close your eyes and you will be chillaxed. The reality however, is not that simple.



Chillaxing is a way of life. A philosophy to be embraced and lived to the fullest... from your couch that is.

First things first, ALL WORK AND SCHOOL RELATED THOUGHTS, RESPONSIBILITIES AND TROUBLES STAY AT YOUR FRONT DOOR. Do not ever dwell on whatever happened to you during the day. Once you get within your home, remove all pieces of clothing.

It is best to replace everything you wore during the day with a fresh loose fitting set of Pyjammas (or anything you feel really really comfotable calling your lounging wear)



. It is best to do this as quickly as possible so as to expel all the tension and aggravation from your day.

Remember, ties, tight shirts, uncomfortable and demeaning uniforms, and some might even say pants, are evil and should be discarded as efficiently as possible...

Stay tuned for Installment #2 "Snacking In the ZONE..."......on "How To Chillax"...

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