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vents: vents of anger toward every day life.
Stress facts-things that lead to being un-chillaxed.
Chillaxed Horoscopes
How to chillax.
Dr.Pepper's Advice
The DEN master, source or infinite knowledge on chillaxing.
Chillaxing world records.

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  The AntiChillax or The RAT....we haven't decided on his name yet...any suggestions? Send them to us!!!

1. Thou Shall not MOVE.
2. Thou shall not exert thyself.
3. Thou shall not covet anything not within arm's reach (unless someone can get it for thee).
4. Thou shall not sweat.
5. Honour thy remote control.
6. Honour thy Mother and Father, unless of course they want you to do something.(please see number 1 and 4).
7. Thou shall kill time.
8. Thou shall procrastinate.
9. Thou shall not stress.
  The AntiChillax: If any of you see, know or hear from this person, please avoid him as he will suck all the intelligence out of your lives. Please, this is serious. Idiots like this man are the very reason why people like us need to find a way to avoid the real world.'s worth a laugh at least. More on the idiot's e-mail to us...
  HOW TO CHILLAX GUIDE IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! Over the next few weeks we will be releasing installments. This week's installement........Installment #1 (Establishing Your Own Style)
  Feel free to check out other sections as well such as Vents, Archive, also look for the Den Master as he'll be posting a new article very very soon!!!
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